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Welcome to Eilif Stene Photo

which started as a "one-man enterprise" in 2005. But my photographing history did'nt start then. I've been using SLR's since 1974. Main goal was to be a press photograper.

I took pic's for the school newspaper, then started working in Bergen's biggest photo store/shop in 1976.

The year after I went on to a school with main subject on photo, journalism and offset (media) printing.

When returning to my home town Bergen, in 1978, after the year at the county college, I started as an assistent for mr. Leif-Moe Nilssen, a very well reputated commercial photographer in Bergen - and still is to date!

Anyhow; my interest for music and sound took overhand, and I've been working as a sound engineer/sound designer and sound consulting engineer since 1981.

My passion for photography has always been there, so even though I've been on tour, holiday, social events etc., I've had my camera ready...

My analogue SLR's and darkroom equipment are long ago placed in the attic for the benefit of Nikon D4s and D810, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom CC and Epson 9900, Epson 3880 printers and Eizo monitor.

Hope you find som images you like on these pages ...


October 2011
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Pic's from Riga, Latvia, taken in september 2011 is now in the GALLERY
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