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RIGA 2011

64 pic's from Riga, Latvia, september/october 2011



144 pic's from workshop at Iceland in august 2011.
Arranged by FocusOnNature / Einar Erlendsson.
Instructors: Seth Resnick (USA) and Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson (IS)


DLWS 2009 - Sights & Sounds from New York

83 pic's from workshop in NYC, USA, november 2009


DLWS 2009 - Abstracts from New York

17 pic's from workshop in NYC, USA, november 2009


There and back, Bergen-Nordfjordeid

30 pic's from Bergen to Nordfjordeid, Norway, along highway E39, photographed in the period from 1.st of september 2005 till 2.nd of march 2009.
[Nordfjordeid is located in the western part of Norway]


DLWS 2008

24 pic's from a workshop in Killington, Vermont, USA, in october 2008
[More about DLWS here >>>]


Fragments of Os

22 pic's from Os, Norway, taken in 2007 and 2008
[Os is located near the city of Bergen in the western part of Norway]


Abstracts from Nordfjordeid

10 pic's from Nordfjordeid, Norway, taken september 2007
[Nordfjordeid is located in the western part of Norway]


Fragments of Finse

24 pic's from Finse, Norway, taken 5.th of august 2006
[Finse is the highest point on the railway net in Norway]



40 definite, but yet abstract, pic's.



60 pic's from China, 2005





October 2011
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Pic's from Riga, Latvia, taken in september 2011 is now in the GALLERY
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